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Lunar Landing Moonwalks is excited to provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to purchase a franchise with the competitive edge to succeed in children’s entertainment. We support franchisees with exceptional marketing tools, to include web-pages for each franchise location, national marketing, and social media campaigns.

Lunar Landing Moonwalks provides an incredibly fun, convenient, family-friendly, and safe place to hold birthday parties, special events, or open play for children. Kids love to run, jump, bounce, slide, and laugh in our festive, attractive locations. We offer qualified applicants an opportunity to join our growing team of franchises.

To begin the process, please call 262.719.2199. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Why Choose a Franchise?

Currently, most bounce house franchise opportunities are in big indoor warehouses.  Let's think about this minimum $40,000 franchise fee,warehouse lease cost, energy bills summer and winter, tables and chairs, cash registers, employees, clean up etc!  I can't afford the start up costs!

I would like to offer a different approach;  Let's talk about a truly home based business.  A business you can run full or part time.  No need to quit your day job! Franchise fee far below minimum average for franchisee business start up, equipment delivered to you door, website included,  training absolutely included, all pertaining booklets, manuals and agreements yes included.

To go at it by yourself means legal documents (lawyer), website (web designer) booking and operations (manager) customer service (hope your good at it) insurance (almost forgot) I am sure I have shown you my point!


If you are motivated, excited to provide excellent customer service, looking to make extra income working full or part time, have very low overhead this might be for you!

You are looking for an opportunity to own a franchise.  We have a great branded name, turn key home based business, low costs, short "start up" time, professional website and web support.

It is time to take a look at what Lunar Landing Moonwalks can offer!

Who should look at owning a franchise

I get asked this question a lot. Here is what I know; Any person or persons looking to make extra income. I happen to know many people that fit this category.

A motivated "go getter" someone looking for a pride of ownership. This person might be a high school student, a college student, teachers looking for extra income, seasonal contractors, the list could be endless

What I do know is families will always have birthday parties, block parties, school and church picnics and Lunar Landing Moonwalks will be at your event!

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